Rustam Safin Jun 1, 2015

Connector is a web tool for remote connections management. It shows you information about client and client’s devices.

The main feature is that Connector allows you to connect to remote clients’ devices via remote tools like radmin, Windows RDP without filling password fields.

Connector uses Protocol handler and desktop client that receives incoming requests. When user clicks “Connect”, desktop client watches for unique windows for Radmin/WinBox/…/ and automatically fills required fields such as username and passwords. If user’s computer is fast enough Connector user don’t see any “Fill password” windows.

My responsibilities:

  • Advised the client which technology stack to be used
  • Developed the entire backend and frontend

Technology stack used

  • C#
  • Telerik Kendo UI
  • Bootstrap
  • LINQ
  • XML
  • jsPlumb


Main app view with client devices and Zabbix logs

Devices map

Rustam Safin

C# and Python developer